Thursday, April 05, 2007

Tulips and Daffodils in Windowboxes

Often times listeners will write and ask if they can still plant those tulip bulbs in April they forgot to plant last fall. By now those bulbs are dry and dead. But I've come across a good idea from my friend Sally Ferguson who represents the Netherlands flower bulb growers. Buy pots of forced bulbs now available in supermarkets and garden centers and plant them in the ground or in window boxes outdoors. No one will know the difference! Sally fills in the how-to information at her Web site


Jill said...

Thanks for letting us know you can put tulips in window boxes. I listen to you on WAMC and your great!

Melita Greenleaf said...

I love this tip. I am building a windowbox now, so it's perfect. Great segment on WAMC.

Family said...

I like your show on WAMC very much.
I have a quick comment about todays show (04/05/07): a hedgehog and a groundhog are 2 different animals. the groundhog/woodchuck is a rodent/herbivore, the hedgehog is a carnivore living in Europe and sporting a beautiful fur of spines!!
Nice little critters
look here:

keep on gardentin'

Peter Cortiel