Monday, June 19, 2006

Great Peony Mystery

Last week on Vox Pop a caller told of a "wild" peony plant that came up on its own near the peony plants she planted a few years ago. I was stumped because I've only experienced peony propagation by crown division. I searched the Web and found a great site for peony propagation by seed.
I am pretty convinced that this is what happened to the caller since her wild sprout has produced flowers of a completely different color, which makes sense since peonies by seed usually are not the same color as their host plant. Here's the site:

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xoxomengo said...

So there IS hope. Every year I leave the heads on and shake out those lovely glossy black seeds in the soil surrounding my peonies. Is there anything I can do to encourage the natural germination process? No babies yet.
...Still waiting in Schoharie.